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Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

For Libellula company, various marketing strategies and a plan
of integrated communication have been proposed
that involved the following phases:
Logo restyling – Coordinated image development – Brand literature
Booth design – Exhibit & Events – Social Media Management –
Email Marketing – Content Marketing – Web – SEO

Starting point

Founded in 1988, Libellula is a world leader in CAM, Nesting and PCS solutions, ERP and MES for sheet metal working.

Despite the satisfactory business performance, the company’s management felt that it had not yet come to define and transmit the distinctive identity that was desired and that it still had to transmigrate the company from a substantially still artisanal dimension to a managerial, modern and truly global. The request to EGO NewCom was therefore to propose a strategic marketing and communication platform able to solve these issues and to accompany and guide the company’s development in a medium-term perspective.

Our marketing strategy

We proposed Libellula a complete overhaul of the whole external communication system:

  • refocusing on Vision and Mission, to make them truly the highest and most authoritative expression of the company philosophy/ideology and the guide for product development, commercial strategies and relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • reviewing the setting and the quality of the contents of all the communication materials (website, brochures, DEM, press releases, etc.), at the moment very technical and informative, arguing more clearly and comprehensively the advantages / benefits for the target and the problems solved in the daily life of his work.
  • paying the utmost attention to the absolute coherence and unity of messages and arguments, even through declinations on totally diversified instruments.

The creative idea

We have worked on different levels:

  • New company payoff: “Cutting the edge of software every day” to communicate the constant orientation of Libellula to technological research and innovation
  • Graphic mood: clean, refined but deliberately essential
  • Tone of voice: authoritative, intelligent, contemporary, credible, assertive, direct but emotional to create and support the positioning of “best in class”
  • Graphics/contents: the setting of:·
    • website: totally redesigned to maximize the browsing experience, graphic impact and technical and commercial arguments, also through new sections. SEO indexing of all contents
    • brochures: totally redesigned in graphics and texts to optimize their impact, image and technical and commercial arguments
    • DEM: totally revised in graphics and texts to maximize their persuasive capacity and encourage users to be converted from prospect to lead
Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Coorporate Identity - Brand Literature

Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom
Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Brand Literature - corporate identity

Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom
Realizzazione di 24 Brochure tradotte in 6 lingue
Studio Stand fieristici
Realizzazione Totem e materiale informativo
Libellula | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom