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Exhibits and events are two important
direct meeting opportunities with customers and consumers.
They need to be considered as communication
circumstances and not just entertainment,
totally integrated with the brand strategy.

Exhibit & Event | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom


The strategic function of an exhibition booth advanced over years.

In the past it was just a shop window for products and a touch point for target contacts.

Today, after Socialing, a booth must be planned strategically and in a marketing and communication way: it represents the tangible image of a company, it must transmit deeply the values and brand personality.

A fair is an essential opportunity to:

  • expand contact network and lead
  • get better the company positioning in consumers’ mind
  • create brand loyalty
  • make a profitable PR activity
  • keep in touch with business people


Booth’s areas must be planned in detail in order to catch visitors’ attention and meantime to offer the opportunity to live a real and emotional brand experience.

Inside you must consider to put all the brand catalogs, brochure, flyer and videos in order to create a cost-effective communication strategy for reaching the target.

EGO NewCom has an expert team in planning and designing all the fairs layout, corners, shops, showroom and offices.

Exhibit & Event | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom


EGO NewCom organizes company events such as: convention, meeting, congress and exhibitions. We take care of the design of the event from the idea to the location. Our methodology means:

  • event concept
  • location proposal
  • event organization

Our aim is to make you reach your brand goals into real results in contacts and engagement terms.

Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Exhibits & Events

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