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We are digital communicators.

From web design to SEO, from Social Media to Content Marketing
until Display Advertising, we have a highly qualified and up to date expertise and
know-how to organize the strategic features
of the most advanced digital communication.

Web Design | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Web Design

“Web design is the new business card”: website nowadays is the first communication and information media for a company, an essential shop window accessible at any time of day or night for all its customers and consumers, a strategic tool that helps to build visibility and online identity and to sell their own products without mediators.The growing number of Internet accesses from smartphone to tablets place new problems of content organization.

A better design means more dynamic users

According to some US researches, the 75% of people judge the credibility of a brand from the website design; it even influences the conversion (downloads, registers, newsletters, purchase and so on).Sometimes just optimizing the design of the elements of a website, it can generate a strong increase of conversions.

Users want a more satisfying visit experience

Web design is more than an easy graphic and visual design: it means usability, user interface, website structure, in a word User Experience (UX).

It’s widely proved that a best web design guarantees a low abandonment rate, a longer time spent on the website, an increase in referrals and a better conversion path.

Thanks to our team of web designers & experts, we guarantee to every website a truly higher level of User Experience.

At every step of the processing such as design, technical development, semantic and content organization, wireframe identification, visual design and data entry, the last goal is always to ensure, through interactions, a complete and unique final User Interface for computers and smartphones.

SEO | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom


The authority of SEO (Search Engine Organization)

In EGO NewCom we think that for realizing a cost-effective digital strategy, SEO is an essential feature. The awareness, now, of how important it is to be present on web is consolidated but just few brands can pull the benefits out from these resources.

This deal happens because the complex world of web marketing requires constant supervision, daily updating skills and a bit of talent to use current trends to take the right advantages.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Opitimization and in involves strategies and useful activities to climb rankings and to get better the search engines positioning of your website.


Seo specialist

Our SEO Specialists will be able to help you to:

  • optimize your website
  • guarantee better visibility
  • increase marketing conversion

SEO techniques and tools

We will manage your online presence through fixed activities (SEO strategies off/on site) that include:

  • In-depth analysis of your website
  • HTML and web structure improvement
  • Keywords study
  • SEO copywriting: optimization and new contents creation
  • Link building: activity that helps to expand entrance link numbers on your website and to increase the link popularity
  • Monthly reports
Social Media Marketing | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Social Media Marketing

Social Media are powerful and essential marketing tools nowadays.They support your brand to strengthen a solid relationship with your target, feeding the buzz and talks, listening to comments, advices or complaints towards your products and company actions.

They’re tool that change during time. Opening a social account is easy but creating an engaged community and making contents is hard; for this reason, it’s strictly necessary a specialist that does it for your company.

A DIY social media management – without a cost-effective social media marketing strategy and content strategy behind it – doesn’t lead to any tangible results.

It’s counter-productive, indeed, and it transmits to consumers the idea of a not trustworthy company.

We know how to win on Social Media

EGO NewCom has high qualified Social Media Strategists that guarantee to his customers a complete social media service split into four step:

  • Identifying of the best social media platforms strategically perfect to your needs (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Youtube, Twitter…) or creating a blog
  • Proposing the most efficient content marketing strategy and the editorial plan after a long study of your market, competitors and target
  • Carrying out the editorial plan: creating posts, scheduling, launching promotions and offers
  • Activity report

EGO NewCom helps you to obtain many sales and visibility opportunities from Social Media Management and to reinforce you brand reputation online.

Our aim is to create the best relationship ever between you and your target.

Content Marketing e Storytelling | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Content Marketing & Storytelling

Content Marketing is a must in communication field.

Thanks to technology evolution and social media increasing, a brand must create a direct relationship and a touch point with his costumers that for the first time they have the opportunity to express themselves directly.

There’s often the issue about brands which they concentrate about “where” to find the touch point but they don’t know “what” is better to tell.

Costumers, now, are well informed and they’re useful to investigate about products and services propensity. They would like to be considered and they hate persuasive hard selling approaches.


 “Content is king”

Content marketing is a strategic approach and not just a mere articles or posts publication.

It’s important to have a clear vision about the communication plan in order to have a graphic, visual and copy contents strategy in line with the brand strategy.

Storytelling: the most engaging strategy

Storytelling means the full application of the rethorical morals and the persuasion theories. It’s the essential technique to build customer engagement, to transmit brand values, to achieve the top of mind and to motivate people to purchase.

EGO NewCom knows how to elaborate and manage content marketing strategies through authentic contents: Blog articles and PR, social media posts, newsletter, email marketing. Our experience in persuasion theories will be the guide to create engaging stories totally integrated with marketing and communication strategy.

Display Advertising | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Display Advertising

Display Advertising it’s the banners and native advertising universe represents the most classic tool of digital advertising. Banner has a fundamental role in direct marketing, in the so called marketing funnel, because it sends organic/paid traffic to the company website and it transforms it in lead, creating brand awareness and promising high online visibility. Thanks to technology evolution, today it’s possible to have high impact banner such as Rich Media that gain excellent results in attention and CTR terms.

A new targeting efficiency thanks to Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is shaking up the way of planning and purchasing banner media. According to a Sharethrough study, native advertising can reach more than 25% of views and to influence the purchase till the 18%.

In EGO NewCom we have a deep experience in display marketing advertising due to brilliant creativities and coherent with brand strategies.

Web & Digital Marketing | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Web & Digital Marketing

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