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If our communication projects are so effective
is due to the creative idea that always born
with a strong and strategic background,
from the unlimited comprehension of consumers’ needs
to market trend until competitor analysis.

We are a communication agency with a real marketing heart “inside” of us.

Marketing non convenzionale | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Unconventional Marketing

The Unconventional Marketing was born to fix consumers loathing towards traditional marketing techniques. Indeed, consumers are less easily influenced, more competitive, demanding, choosy and they don’t like too many invasive or hard selling approaches by brands.

Engaging communication

By exploiting new methods and tools of communication, the unconventional marketing is an entertainment moment of information and it gets the complete interest from the target.

Involving creativity and wow effect are the characteristic features of a good unconventional marketing that allows you to realize audience’s feelings and a spontaneous word-of-mouth by people.

High cost-effective with low budgets

Unconventional Marketing activities are characterized by lower costs of production than traditional ones, which makes them approachable for small/medium companies.EGO NewCom knows very well all the unconventional marketing techniques, from viral to guerrilla, from ambient to instant marketing.

Media consultancy | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Media Consultancy

When you have to choose what kind of media-mix is better to communicate a company/brand profile, the choice can be extremely hard: traditional media such as TV, radio, press and billboards have been gradually followed by digital media.The perfect medium doesn’t exist: each one has its pros and cons, which make it more or less cost-effective compared to others according to the specific parameters of the single communication campaign (target, budget, timing, ROI…).
In EGO NewCom we fully understand the features of each media and we can advise our customers on the best media strategy for them or starting a consultancy from media centers or advertising agencies proposals.

Email marketing | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Email Marketing

An efficient Email Marketing activity is essential for a company.

Ongoing email marketing campaign means to send systematic and organized email with inside:

  • relevant infos of the brand
  • communications or commercials offers

These email can build a strong and engaging relationship with customers in order to make them loyal or to acquire new ones.

Email marketing is futhermore a huge possibility for the company to realize a communication and marketing strategy adding in each email a promotional copy or an invite to register to their newsletters.

EGO NewCom knows all the most trend email marketing techniques and it’s able to offer a complete and efficient service to his costumers.

Lead and prospect are our obsession

Starting from some lead lists, deriving from our costumers’ database, we will elaborate an email delivery plan in line with the commercial and marketing plan which concerns as a wide profiling and segmentation of the target.

We know that a high quality graphic design and copy must be coherent with the brand marketing strategy and they can influence consumers’ mind and to convert lead to real customers with efficient call to action.

We know how to create persuasive emails

The combined effect of the application of our P.E.E.R.S. method with our creative DNA guarantees the realization of a superior level of DEM thanks to their impact and their persuasive power.

Mobile Marketing | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a set of strategies and specific actions that have the goal of maximize the effectiveness of communication with the target on mobile devices and to exploit new contact opportunities offered by technology: responsive web design, sms advertising, mobile payment, location based marketing, big data, IoT marketing applications, are the paradigms of mobile marketing.

Why a mobile marketing strategy?

Smartphones and tablets are our daily routine; over time they are even more powerful and full of sophisticated functions.

The online researches and social media accesses happen on smartphones for the 70%.

Today, a good website must guarantee a pleasant experience even more on a smartphone responsive side: according to some studies the 75% of people, after 5 seconds of website loading, leave the website because if it is to low and the 50% of them don’t come back if they were not satisfied!

EGO NewCom everyday studies and perfectly knows all these features in order to propose to our customers an efficient mobile marketing strategy that uses the most current tools for good results.

Giuliano Rossi | Strategic Planner | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Marketing & Strategic Planning

Giuliano Rossi

“L’art d’être tantôt très audacieux
et tantôt très prudent
est l’art de réussir.”
Napoleone Bonaparte