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Advertising and visual communication are
the most important tool for building a brand.
Starting from brand positioning,
we develop multimedia advertising campaigns
and visual design complex projects perfectly integrated
to enhance your target feelings.

Advertising & Visual Design | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Multimedia Advertising

Multimedia Advertising is the most cost-effective communication tool for a brand or a company, most of all if it’s involved in mass-market or in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

It’s impossible to compete in high full markets nowadays without an ongoing support action of visibility of the brand indeed.

Only advertising allows you to:

  • reach high levels of Brand Awareness
  • build your brand image
  • transmit values
  • motivate target to purchase with positive outcomes on sales and ROI in a short time

An exclusive weapon for our customers

The strategic models “made in EGO NewCom”

EGO NewCom has developed some strategic and creative proprietary models in order to realize our customers’ advertising campaign more cost-effective than ever.

On the base of the brief, through our exclusive strategic model BR.E.M.A, we want to identify the Brand Core Message that will be the main pillar of all the communication plan. Through P.E.E.R.S. we want to evaluate the most important persuasive method to make BCM functional to reach all the campaign goals.

From this input, our Art Director and the Senior Copywriter will develop brilliant and creative proposals meantime strategical: the perfect media-mix for the target.

Brand Literature | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Brand Literature

Brand Literature is all the communication and marketing printed materials of a brand such as brochure, catalogs, house magazines and so on.
Too many times these materials are used without understanding that they are important communication tools.
They are an interesting touch point able to create a contact opportunity with the target, conditioning its feelings towards the brand and the company.It’s strictly necessary, furthermore, that these materials must be coherent with the strategic and visual guidelines of the brand and its textual identity.

Packaging | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Packaging Design

The historical role of packaging was that of safeguarding the product inside without any qualitative leaks until the purchase.
By time, after GDO and self-service sales development, packaging’s roles changed: a cost-effective pack must guarantee the highest visibility and recognizable of the product on the shelf; It must tell to consumers its values and to diversify itself from that one of competitors.

The pack as a communication tool of the brand

According to Marty Neumeier in its book The Brand Gap he says: “inside modern distribution, packaging is the last and the best possibility to actualize a sale”.

There’s much more.

Today, a packaging must contribute to meaningfully get better the experience and the satisfaction of a product in its costumer’s hands and it has a strategic role inside the integrated communication process of a brand.

We are talking about several features that EGO NewCom takes into consideration during the packaging design step: the strategic analysis and the marketing positioning of the brand and its values will be the starting point of the development design adding functionality, logistics, visibility and so on.

The last result will be a high quality pack, distinctive and cost-effective, able to fully define your brand.

Videomaking | Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom


“We live in a visual world”: when you tell a story you can use several techniques to do that, but there’s one more effective than others: video making.
This well-known trend and an essential communication tool especially on web.
The art of storytelling changed over time, but emotional rules are always the same due to the same feelings and human nature.
Even video making made several changes and evolutions to follow these improvements.
The new visual communication archetypes are in line with a “back to origins” way that highlight the human being, the easy communication and the focus on details rather than excessive information.

Video storytelling to tell a company story

A company must think about a marketing and communication strategy with a video storytelling inside as an important technique that helps the company to tell its own values in order to be closer to the target.
EGO NewCom offers a full team of strategist, filmmakers and videotellers able to elaborate a visual marketing strategy able to communicate the personality, the philosophy and the products of a brand in an unforgettable way.

Brand Check-Up | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom


Photography is an important tool able to communicate brand’s values and to engage consumers into an advertising campaign.

Between 80’s and 90’s, Giacomo Rizzolatti professor at the University of Parma, made an important scientific research that compared photography images to the neurological activity where the total identification of a subject and its instinctive subsequent reaction occurs through the activation of neuroni specchio [mirror neurons].

These neurons allow to a photo advertising, strategically well studied, to activate inside consumer’s mind a natural and real process of complete identification.

The photo of a catalog, of an advertising, of a brochure in order to be efficient must result engaging for activating the mirror neurons and creating a deep feeling, a strong desire or a memory.

Before starting to shoot a photo, it must be created inside consumer’s mind; nothing can be left to improvisation, since the smallest chromatic nuance, geometry, composition or light have their own communication features.

To be able to supervise a photo shooting set means to choose the best framing, the viewpoint, the light, temperature and color, set typology and the perfect location so it’s necessary to have a 360° knowledge on this field.

The objects must be seductive as Marylin Monroe’s smile and the people around are the perfect pawns to coordinate a communication strategy. The choice of all the communication elements of a photo derives from a full and high quality knowledge of the photographic code.

EGO NewCom, thanks to his expert team of professional photographers, manages the photo shooting art direction considering the best elements ever to create a cost-effective communication for your brand.

Every detail is treated with sensitivity and an obsessive attention to offer you the best photographic result.

Our Art directors, thanks to their twenty-years’ experience, are high qualified to manage photo shooting in each side in:

  • Food & Wine
  • Still Life
  • Lifestyle
  • Interior & Design
Beatrice Tossutti | Graphic Advertiser | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Graphic Advertiser | Art Director Junior

Beatrice Tossuti

“Many a small thing,
has been made large
by the right kind of advertising.”
Mark Twain