We Make Your Brand Unforgettable


Our mission is to create an unforgettable brand that positions itself
in the mind and heart of your prospect.

Only the most advanced marketing strategies, the passion for our job,
a persuasive communication and a brilliant creativity
will be able to build your best change.

Stefania Bongiovanni | Owner & Art Director | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Art Director & founder

Stefania Bongiovanni

“The way we do small things
determines the way we do everything.”
Robin Sharma

What does inspire our job?

People Experiences

Giuliano Rossi | Strategic Planner | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Marketing & Strategic Planning

Giuliano Rossi

“L’art d’être tantôt très audacieux
et tantôt très prudent
est l’art de réussir.”
Napoleone Bonaparte

Web & Digital Marketing | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Web & Digital Marketing

Carmela | Edmondo | Luana

“This is a little known fact
technological about the Internet,
but the Internet is actually made of words and enthusiasm.”

Erin McKean

Beatrice Tossutti | Graphic Advertiser | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Advertising & Visual Design


“Many a small thing
has been made large
by the right kind of advertising.”
Mark Twain

Exhibits & Events | Agenzia di Comunicazione Ego NewCom

Exhibits & Events

Elisa | Danilo

“All the good things that exist
are the result of originality”

John Stuart Mill

Agenzia di comunicazione EGO NewCom

Visual Communication

Riccardo | Fiorenzo

“The important thing is,
you have to have something important
to say about the world.”

Paul Strand