Modello PEERS | Agenzia di Comunicazione EGO NewCom

A way of being, thinking and acting
that identifies Ego Newcom in its essence:
in one word PEERS.

To think outside the box and to stand out from the crowd we have devised a personal and exclusive model that leads us in creation and design, following a different point of view.

PEERS – Persuasive Empathy Ego Responsive System –

This is the tool that puts this demanding training and growth path to good use combining Empathic Persuasion with the most modern psychology of communication by combining Empathic Persuasion with the most modern psychology of communication.

An approach that identifies us and that we apply to each work of ours, crossing the concepts of B2B and B2C to embrace what is most dear to us: B2P, Business to Person.

From the English Peer, our communication likes to “put you on an equal footing”, establishing a dialogue with prospects, or rather people, even before they are targeted as clients or entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the studies and high specialization of the team of our communication agency, EGO Newcom has created a style that draws on the theories of persuasion analyzed by Robert Cialdini, from Colin Stanley’s concept of empathy and from Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence.

Neuromarketing and communication can no longer be separated from Emotional Intelligence and Empathic Communication, passing through a powerful brand loyalty tool: the Theories of Persuasion.

We therefore apply persuasion theories in the advertising field in order to create and establish an authentic and empathic relationship with people who rely on our advice, our creativity and our work.

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