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An exclusive EGO NewCom model for helping you
to choose the best marketing strategy ever

Most communication or marketing agencies use a single strategic model to set up a company’s communication strategies.

The limit of this approach is that a single model is normally incapable of effectively representing and managing scenarios that are often very different from each other, and it proposes strategies that are not so good.

Our BR.E.M.A. method consists of a set of the best strategic models used in business schools, consultancies and large Anglo-Saxon multinationals.

Depending on the problem of marketing or communication and the various steps of strategic analysis, our strategists will then use all the models considered essential for a correct evaluation.

BR.E.M.A. models

  • Ps Model
  • Aaker Brand Equity Model
  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Model
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • Boston Consulting Group Matrix
  • Brand Essence Wheel Model
  • Diffusion of Innovation Model
  • DRIP (Differentiate-Reinforce-Inform-Persuade) Communication Model
  • Kapferer Branding Matrix
  • Kotler Price-Quality Strategy Model
  • McKinsey 7S Framework
  • PESTLE (Political-Economic-Sociological-Technological-Legal-Environmental) Analysis
  • Porter’s 5 Forces
  • Push and Pull Model
  • Product Life Cycle Model
  • RACE (Reach-Act-Convert-Engage) Planning Model
  • STP (Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning) Model
  • SOSTAC (Situation-Objectives-Strategy-Tactics-Action-Control) Communication Model
  • SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunity-Threats) Matrix

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Why a cost-effective marketing strategy is essential?

For any brand or enterprise, from a start-up to a large company, an effective marketing strategy must be the essential reference map for the whole activity.

Only by developing and implementing a weighted and consistent marketing strategy it’s possible to promote and grow the company’s business adequately, identifying the most potential consumer target and correctly allocate its spending budgets, building a solid image and reputation of the company over time.

Thanks to the expert skills present of EGO NewCom team, we are able to assist our customers in every step of life of the company or brand, proposing ourselves as:

  • business consultant
  • marketing & communication strategist
  • a classic full service communication agency.

The 4 steps of our marketing strategy

The strategic models of BR.E.M.A. will be constantly applied in our methodology of development of the marketing and communication strategy, which consists of 4 main steps

1 Situational Analysis

Action: deep analysis of the scenario in which the brand or company is acting.

It Includes:

  •  The examination of the market and/or the category of product or service, study of competitors
  •  Evaluation of the relevance of the brand in the market
  • Analysis of customers and consumers and their behavior trends
  • Brand history

2 Brand Positioning Review

Action: brand positioning proposal, which represents the fundamental and critical element of its marketing strategy. It must express effectively the set of values, characteristics, emotions, feelings and expectations that the company would like to inspire in its consumers.

In this step, the brand marketing and communication strategy will be defined:

  • Core target: the segment of the most potential consumers to whom the brand intends to address
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP): what the brand offers in comparison to all its competitors
  • Brand Core Message (BCM): the message that will be used throughout the communication, in any form, to transmit the UVP to the target and build the positioning
  • Reason to believe

3 Marketing-Mix Review

Action: key factors analysis of what determines the marketing strategies of a brand.


All the packaging and products of the company must support and transmit brand positioning and values.


Price has an essential role in market positioning into consumer’s mind.

Product’s price of a brand is in line with the core target that you want to reach?


Even the distribution must be in line with brand positioning in order to strength product’s values.

4 Communication Review

Action: review the existing communication and elaboration of new creative proposals according to an integrated communication plan will include the declination of the Brand Core Message (BCM) on instruments and media according to the characteristics of the target core. The elaboration of creative proposals will be carried out also considering the persuasive techniques of our model P.E.E.R.S. to maximize CTA (Call-To-Action) ensuring a faster achievement of communication objectives and ROI.