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The Over Method BOOST.

Even the best brand positioning,if it is left to itself and not rightly valued, will have limited potential.

It is therefore essential, once the correct positioning is created, to build new tools and contents to allow the flow of time to make them unique and everlasting. Fortunately, the integrated communication facilitates and effectively supports the construction and the maintenance of the positioning.

The Overboost method was created to give an effective answer to this need.

Every day we are reached by an average of 5,000-10,000 advertising messages and hope that realizing a showcase site or a nice catalogue may be enough to obtain conversion results is quite utopian.

Depending on the type, target or stage of life, a brand always needs strategies and tactics that let it emerge and reach the target audience. The marketing, digital marketing or communication strategies we propose will help the Brand to map out a path implemented by specific tactical actions.

The experience and collaboration with experts from individual sectors has enabled us to offer our customers a method that allows them to manage and coordinate communication by offering control and verification metrics.Whether it is a Seo, Funnel, Link Building or Loyalty strategy, we will always give you the best having as sole objective the sound and valuable construction of your Brand positioning.

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