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Social Management – Cheese 2017

Social Management – Cheese 2017
For Cheese 2017 event, EGO NewCom managed all the social media
of the famous dairy company “Beppino Occelli”

The challenge proposed to us has been immediate incentive.The client needed a social management support and live presence of a social media manager who would resume in real time the most important events of #casaoccelli during the international Cheese 2017 event.Our goal was to create an organic engagement and to speak to users with a simple and genuine language, in line with the cheeses made by Beppino Occelli, in order to create a delicious watering in the followers.

We created a social media marketing strategy with 4 touch points:

  1. Authenticity: genuine, smart and honest tone of voice
  2. Brand Awareness: show the cheeses in a context of real use, with dedicated photo shooting.
  3. Dialogue: engage and dialogue with users as they were friends; answer their questions and curiosity.
  4. Website: at the end of each fair day, a storytelling was written in order to tell the story of the day and highlight the best daily moments with a gallery full of photos.

Social photo shooting

During the event we made some photo shoots tailored to the product, enhancing their qualities and details with a particular evocation to taste.

Social management for Cheese 2017