We are Passionate Brand Builders

“We support companies to live their change by proposing them the better marketing strategies to highlight the deepest values ​​
of the brand and their customers”

Our philosophy

We want to contribute to the brand building of our customers.


Understanding their marketing and commercial deals, acting as real business partners,
will always be the starting point for proposing projects thanks to a full data analysis of the deepest insights of the target and the use of innovative tools.

Proactivity and high quality services, brilliant creativity and an expert team in all the communication areas
will be the best guarantee for a lasting relationship with our customers focused on trust, results and positive changes.

Our job tools

Brand Check-Up | Agenzia di Comunicazione EGO NewCom

Brand Check-Up is the innovative service of EGO NewCom that allows you to carry out an in depth analysis of your brand in order to identify your brand positioning and the current health status of your company.

As a medical check-up, we will inform you about the parameters and we strategically act according to the obtained results.

Are you sure that you’re having everything under control?

Modello PEERS | Agenzia di Comunicazione EGO NewCom
Modello BR.E.M.A. | Agenzia di Comunicazione EGO NewCom

BREMA and PEERS are EGO NewCom’s private models
that we use to create marketing strategies and to plan persuasive communications
in order to let your company to reach its best change.

Il Neuromarketing

The unconscious affects the buying choices much more than we ever imagined.
The EGO NewCom Neuromarketing service will help you to examine thoroughly
and to communicate exclusively with the mind and heart of your target.