A new Communication and Marketing agency
able to efficiently build your brand and your business.

Passion and expertise. This is EGO NewCom. Passionate Brand Builders.

A company deals with harder and harder challenges nowadays:
demanding and well-informed customers, global markets which change fastly, pushy competitors.
EGO NewCom knows how to be closer to its customers in each side of this complex journey:
high researched marketing strategies, authentic creativity able to persuade the target,
the use of all the communication tools and current trend.
Advertising, social media marketing, business consulting, web & graphic design, media planning,
are just some of the services that we offer you.
Thanks to an expert and high qualified team, we always have one mission: to transform goals into results.

Crediamo che

Emotional communication…

is the psychological and sociological dynamic that allows us to overcome communication barriers in order to directly arrive at the heart and memory of users.

Brand Positioning is the best…

starting point where, thanks to listening to people, we can make high quality strategies able to essentially contribute to the company change.

Evolution is the creative process…

in which the real achievement belongs to those who are able to transform classic tools into extraordinary new forms, overturning the consolidated schemes and generating changes.

Web is the new business card…

where UX/UI are the real digital platforms: the modern communication tools and the future multisensory amplifiers of brand awareness.

Social media are emotional sharing stories…

and viral marketing tools essential to sell, inform, communicate and build a strong online identity. They’re a virtual window shop who allows the brand to be itself even in the confusing world wide web.

The synesthesic involvement is the soul of desire…

of users who live with emotion their experiences and they learn how to love objects, details and people creating a strong feeling to always keep them with themselves.

What does inspire our job?


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